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Dream Ice Cream, Brought to You by Olympic Runner Colleen Quigley

Colleen Quigley Bedtime Ice Cream

It’s official: Dream is now a frosty dessert. Don't miss out on this ingenious ice cream for bedtime. 

Big props to Olympic runner and Beam partner Colleen Quigley for this absolutely scrumptious ice cream recipe. Bring some R + R to National Dessert Day with this quick, simple recipe. Pro tip: this recipe can be made with non-dairy milk and any flavor of Dream.


1 cup of half and half

1/2 tsp date syrup or vanilla extract

2 tbsp sugar

2 scoops Sea Salt Caramel Dream Powder (or any flavor of Dream Powder)


Pour ingredients into a small plastic bag.

Fill a larger plastic bag with ice and salt.

Put smaller bag into larger bag.

Shake until your concoction turns into a delicious ice cream for sleep.


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