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when it comes to fitness, your recovery is everything. That’s why we created dream, to help you get better sleep to support stronger days. and now, our most popular sleep capsule is available with twice the sleep-promoting* power so you can get better, deeper sleep when you need it most.

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even the fittest in the world
need better sleep

katrin davidsdottir

"I am ALL about routines & Beam Dream has become a staple in my night time one 😴 Every night I steam up some oatmilk with a scoop of dream & it’s the creamiest little treat. Such a cozy time in my night & helps wind me down & get ready for a good nights sleep!"

2x CrossFit

Mat Fraser

"beam, then dream. that’s our nighttime mantra around here. one cup of dream right before bed and it’s “lights out”. with melatonin, magnesium, reishi,L-Theanine, and beam Nano Hemp... this healthy take on hot chocolate is the best part of bedtime"

5x CrossFit Games Champion,
fittest man on earth

Brooke Wells

“you guys all know how much i love my beam dream drink every night 😋 makes me sleep like a queen 😴😋 Nano Hemp, with sleep promoting magnesium & melatonin. 💤”

6x crossfit
games athlete

Tia Toomey

"For me SLEEP is crucial for optimal recovery and with Dream I can get a great nights sleep that allows me to fully rest a recovery after a full day of training. Every night about an hour before bed, Shane and I will sit and have a cup of Dream while watching some TV to decompress from our busy day"

5x CrossFit Games Champion,

Dani Speegle

"I’ve been using the dream powder for so long now that it’s become just a part of my routine. Every night it just happens."

Games Athlete

Amanda Barnhart

"Every day is beam day for me✨ LOVE this stuff so much, especially the nighttime Dream powder for amazing sleep."

3x CrossFit
Games Athlete

stefi cohen

"I have a hard time shutting down and falling asleep after a long day of working and training but thanks to Beam Dream, I’m able to close my eyes and fall asleep right away and wake up ready to crush the day"

founder of hybrid
performance method

Baylee Rayl

"Beam is here to fulfill your sleep needs and DREAM is the answer. 😍🤍🙏🏼 it is no joke and my sleep stats prove it."

2x CrossFit Games
Team Athlete

Hayley Adams

"dream + a full day of training = an amazing night of sleep. Consistent sleep = better training, clear mentality, and positive mood. 🧘‍♀️"

2020 4th Fittest
Woman on Earth