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our recipe for better sleep is simple. dream is a night-time blend that when mixed with hot water or warm milk, brings you a sleepy, delicious cup of cocoa—without any added calories or sugar.*

you can subscribe to better sleep every month with the dream subscription to get 20% off and free shipping. plus, get a free Beam drink frother with your first order.

signing up is easy and there’s no commitment — you can pause or cancel at any time.

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the secret ingredient
to better sleep

our partners take their food and supplements seriously, which is why we don’t compromise on wellness. here’s what they had to say about dream.

cameron rogers

"i can confidently say that beam dream has changed my sleep game. As someone who struggles with the ‘anxious dreams’ (the worst), this product has become a staple in my nightly routine."

founder of
freckled foodie

peyton pratte

"dream has been helping me wind down at night and is made with compounds like melatonin and magnesium that help support a better night’s sleep! mixed with some warm almond milk (and maybe some whipped cream 😉), it’s perfect to sip on right before bed!"

founder of
choosing balance

Nicole Cogan

"I take dream right before bed - helps INSANELY with sleep. hemp x melatonin x calming adaptogens. it's literally a dream"

founder of

Belinda Kraemer

"the best dang sleep I’ve ever had. With magnesium, melatonin,L-Theanine, and their Nano Hemp powder, it’s my favorite way to chill out before bed 😊 I love it mixed with water as hot cocoa or added to a baked treat!"

founder of

Bianca Cheah

"Tastes like a healthy hot cocoa. It’s also made with quality, all-natural ingredients melatonin, magnesium, reishi, I-theanine and broad spectrum hemp powder which are the ingredients that help to assist with a better night sleep"

founder of

Jeannette Root

"seriously can’t say enough good things about dream. sleep is something i have struggled with for the last few years and this stuff gives me the sleep i used to get as kid"

founder of

Sophie Jaffe

"The most blissful combo, helping to welcome in a restorative + relaxing evening ahead!"

founder and ceo,

Lyana Begret

"dream-boosting blend helps your body and mind wind down for a better night’s sleep with relaxing compounds like melatonin, magnesium, reishi andL-Theanine, plus our Nano Hemp powder. Legit tastes like HOT COCOA 🍫☕️"

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