woman jogging through the woods
woman jogging through the woods

We’re on a mission to revolutionize your health through better sleep and all-day wellness.

From our revolution to yours

As former professional athletes, avid CrossFit competitors, Ironman triathletes, and marathoners, we’ve pushed our bodies and minds to the brink—but the aches and pains from that lifestyle started taking a toll. We were burnt out.

That’s when the search for a remedy began. We wanted something that met our personal wellness standards, but the road to finding a product that was all-natural and transparent about ingredients was frustrating. So we created our own using science-backed ingredients specially formulated to optimize all the systems of the body, from day to night.

Now, our mission is to empower people to improve their physical and mental wellness, bringing them to the next stage of their journey. Our products are the fuel for you to push your limits, pursue your passions, and start your own wellness revolution. The sky’s the limit.

Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran

Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran

Beam Co-Founders

Danica Patrick
“There is never a dramatic sensation with their products, just that you realize it did exactly what you wanted it to do. Magic."
Danica Patrick
Professional Athlete + Global Wellness Ambassador
Billy Horschel
“Beam is going to be the Nike of the wellness world."
Billy Horschel
7x PGA Tour Champion + FedEx Cup Champion
Mat Fraser
“I pack my days with uppers, like espresso and pre-workout, and a cup of Beam Dream before bed is exactly what I need to help coax me to sleep."
Mat Fraser
5x CrossFit Games Champion + fittest man on earth

The Clinical Study

Our best selling Dream Powder is clinically shown to improve sleep in 93% of people. Learn about the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study here.
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We believe holistic wellness is not complete without progress towards sustainability.

That’s why we’ve put our efforts into reducing our impact and protecting the planet. Here are some of the ways we’ve gone green:

Kicking crinkle

Your Beam deliveries come nestled in crinkle paper. In 2022, we cut down on it by 50%, and we’re tracking toward our goal of 85% reduction.

Landfill waste

We’ve cut approximately 80% of packaging waste from our manufacturing network through more efficient operations.

Plastic reduction

Our Capsules come in glass jars instead of plastic, and their new lids allow them to be fully recyclable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I try the Extra Strength version of Dream?

We recommend trying Extra Strength if you experience persistent sleep difficulties or circadian rhythm issues, if you have a schedule which interrupts your sleep patterns, or if you simply need extra help with rest and recovery.

Can I drink Dream every night?

Yes. Dream was formulated to be taken every night for optimal rest and recovery.

Can I use Dream with other Beam products?

Absolutely. Beam products were formulated to be used in conjunction with one another. Here’s an example of an ideal daily routine with Beam:

  • 8am: Take 2 Revive Capsules to support all-day muscle recovery.*
  • 9am: Put 1 dropperful of The One tincture in your first cup of coffee to calm the jitters and maintain balance.
  • 2pm: Take 2 Focus Capsules to boost productivity during the after-lunch slump.
  • 10pm: Froth up a cup of Dream Powder 30-45 minutes before bed for optimal rest and recovery.

How does Dream affect my sleep?

Our 5 natural sleep ingredients (Nano Hemp, Reishi, Magnesium, L-Theanine, and Melatonin) help you drift off, sleep better, sleep longer, and help your body through all 4 stages of sleep.*

What were the results of Dream's clinical study?

93% of participants in the clinical study reported that the product helped them to get a more restful night's sleep. 93% of participants also reported that the product helped them to wake up feeling more refreshed.Read more about our clinical study here.

Do Beam products contain allergens?

Dream Powder, Clarity Powder, and Elevate Powders contain coconut. Beam products do not contain any other type of nut (including peanuts and tree nuts), milk, dairy of any kind, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, gluten, soy, GMOs, or added sugar. For a full list of ingredients for the product you're purchasing, please review the product's Supplement Facts.

What kind of analysis is performed on your products?

All of Beam’s products are tested in-house and by third-party labs to ensure that the right concentration of compounds is present.

What is Core?

Core is a powder for complete daily health that targets 5 crucial health benefits in a single serving. With a proprietary blend of 16 science-backed ingredients, it’s formulated to enhance immune support, mood and stress, inflammation response, cardiovascular health, and focus.* Unlike other supplements, Core takes a systematic, five-pronged approach to complete daily health for enhanced vitality and full-body balance. Core is for everyone, from overworked parents and WFH warriors to top athletes.