Your best sleep. Ever.

Your best sleep. Ever.

Dream Powder Starter Pack

10 servings|

A delicious cup of bedtime hot cocoa to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

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When taking Dream Powder...

98% of people

surveyed fell asleep faster

99% of people

experienced better sleep quality

What's in Dream Powder?

A mushroom superfood that helps to support the body’s sleep cycle and manage stress*
A mineral that aids the body’s ability to fall asleep by relaxing the muscles and regulating the nervous system*
An amino acid that promotes relaxation and helps improve sleep quality*
A compound that regulates the body’s circadian rhythm, promoting restful sleep*

Why Dream Powder is right for you

You experience sleep difficulties or circadian rhythm issues

You want to start a delicious bedtime routine

You’re an athlete, busy parent, or WFH warrior who works hard and needs help with rest and recovery


Save 15% on the Dream Starter Pack

$35 now $29.75 with code TIKTOK at checkout.

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