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Dream Powder and the Stages of Sleep


While we may think of sleep as a time when our bodies and minds “shut off,” sleeping is actually a dynamic and complex process that involves several different stages, all with different functions. That’s why we formulated Dream Powder to support each stage of sleep. 

Cycles vs. Stages

On a good night of sleep, your body goes through four to six sleep cycles. One complete sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes and consists of four sleep stages, each of which serves a purpose. 

Stage 1: Onset of sleep (~3 minutes/ 3.3% of Sleep Cycle)

Stage 1 is the lightest stage of sleep and is characterized by a transition from wakefulness. Our muscles may twitch and our limbs may move slightly during this stage.

How Dream helps: Melatonin, Magnesium, and L-Theanine can help the body to drift into sleep.*

Stage 2: Transition + Memory (~30 minutes/ 33.3% of Sleep Cycle)

During this stage, our brain waves slow down even further, and our body temperature begins to drop. Our muscles become even more relaxed, and it becomes harder to wake us up. This is also the time during which our brain consolidates memory.
How Dream helps: L-Theanine can help facilitate this stage.*

Stage 3: Deep Sleep + Physical Repair (~27 minutes/ 30.1% of Sleep Cycle)

This is also known as slow-wave sleep. Our brain waves slow down even more, and it becomes still harder to wake us up. This is the stage of sleep where our bodies repair and regenerate tissue, build bone and muscle, and strengthen the immune system.

How Dream helps: Reishi + L-Theanine can aid in deep sleep.*

Stage 4: REM Sleep + Emotional Processing (~30 minutes/ 33.3% of Sleep Cycle)

REM, or Rapid Eye Movement sleep, is characterized by increased brain activity and vivid dreams, during which our eyes move rapidly (hence the name). Our muscles become paralyzed during REM sleep, which prevents us from acting out our dreams. This stage is crucial for learning, memory, and emotional regulation. 

How Dream helps: Reishi + Melatonin can impact REM sleep.

After REM sleep is complete, you begin again at Stage 1, thus completing one Sleep Cycle. As the stages of sleep are crucial components of your nightly 7-9 hours, our science-backed ingredients are the best way to support your body during sleep. Shop Dream Powder to optimize your sleep cycles.


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