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5 Hot Tips for Cooling Down for Good Sleep – Despite the Heat

5 Hot Tips for Cooling Down for Good Sleep – Despite the Heat

The AC is cranked… but in the record summer heat, even that might not be enough to cool off after spending time outside. The temperature you sleep in has everything to do with the quality of your zzz’s, so read on for new ways to cool your body off to sleep well all summer long.

1. Chill your Dream. Dream is delicious and effective hot and cold — and a cold nightcap may be your preference this summer. Mix 1-2 scoops of your favorite Dream flavor into a light smoothie, or try our Chocolate Banana Ice Cream recipe for a sleep-inducing snack: Blend 2 frozen bananas, ½ cup nut milk, and 2 scoops of Dream Powder until smooth. For a soft-serve consistency, eat immediately. For an ice-cream consistency, freeze for 2 hours then enjoy.

2. Exercise early. Exercising, or working up any kind of sweat, close to bedtime will keep your body temperature up, disrupting your sleep onset.

3. Freeze your socks (yes, really). 1-2 hours before bed, throw a pair of socks in the freezer and slip them on as you head to bed. Your feet play a significant role in body temperature regulation, so keeping them cool throughout the night can ultimately help you sleep more deeply.

4. Hack your ceiling fan. Adjusting your ceiling fan to move counterclockwise will circulate a new cooling airflow, providing more temperature relief throughout the room.

5. Take a hot shower. As stated in Time Magazine, you can trick your body into cooling down for improved sleep. “That warm environment can trigger physiologic changes that lower your core temperature and help you conk out,” research fellow Shahab Haghayegh said.


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