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A Reset Series: How Mat Fraser & Tia Clair Toomey Recover

CrossFit Recovery

Do you put the same amount of effort into your recovery as you do with your training? Let’s be real, the answer is probably not. Recovery, down regulation, rest, and relaxation are all so important when pushing to gain strength and fitness—yet they're somehow never at the top of the to-do list. Sometimes we need a little reminder to take better care of ourselves, take that rest day, or get that early night. Let this be yours.

We caught up with reigning Fittest On Earth, CrossFit Games winners Tia Clair Toomey and Mat Fraser to talk recovery, Beam, and turkey club sandwiches. Scroll on down to get the lowdown from them on how they prime their bodies best for rest.

What are your 3 non-negotiables when it comes to CrossFit recovery during and after a competition weekend?


Having my Beam ‘The One’ Oi, and my night time Beam Dream blend. It’s so important to have restful sleep before and after, and I’m always amped up.

I also love The Fixer’ to rub over my muscles to help with blood flow and reduce any stiffness.


During a competition, I sleep as much as possible. As soon as my events are over for the day, I am in bed as quickly as possible, and I sleep in as late as possible, trying to get every last minute of sleep that I can.

I drink as much fluid as I can without getting too full before an event. I’m always glugging down bottles of water. And lastly, between events, I get as much time alone as I can. The competition field and warm up areas are super stimulating, and just being in that atmosphere without even competing can be draining, so I try to get as much alone time as I can.

How much sleep do you get on an average night?


I like to try and get around 8-9 hours of sleep.


On an average night, I always strive for 10 hours, but most likely end up with 9.


What do you do to support quick CrossFit recovery after a big workout?


I eat wholesome foods that provide me a great source of carbohydrates and protein, but at the start of the day I have my Beam Clarity powder. This helps me throughout the day.


Usually when at a competition, you don't have the normal resources you have at home, so the best route to go is usually just a couple minutes in the ice bath.


How do you like to wind down before you go to bed?


I love watching TV (no phones) & having my warm Dream night-time blend.


I try to shut off the TV and phone 60-90 minutes before bed. Sometimes I read or play a card game with Sammy, but it is just time away from the blue light, then we each have a cup of Dream and read a book in dim lighting until I start to feel tired.

What's your favorite post-workout meal?


Turkey club sandwich. I usually have 2-3 of them after my first session of training.


Do you take any supplements to support your recovery?


I like to take vitamins; fish oil, zinc, probiotic, multivitamin, magnesium, and Vitamin C.


I take a few supplements, but the only one I’d say that is aimed towards recovery is a natural sleeping aid. I use sleep as my number 1 recovery tool, and Dream is a huge part of making sure I have a solid night of sleep.

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