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A Day in the Life: Jon Knopke, Founder of Health House

A Day in the Life: Jon Knopke, Founder of Health House

Meet Jon Knopke! Jon is the founder of Health House, an LA based studio and the first dedicated rowing studio that mixes rowing and strength training for a great full body workout. Beam has partnered with Health House for the month of September, read to the end to learn about how you can experience HH at home!

Beam: What time do you wake up during the work week, and what's the first thing you do?

Jon: 4:00am. I make an iced cold brew then head to HH for my workout of the day.

Ok, getting into the day, what’s for breakfast and when are you eating it?

I typically have two smaller breakfasts each day based on my schedule.  I stick with a healthy mix of complex carbs, healthy fats and lean proteins. Think oatmeal, avocados and lots of eggs!

What’s it like being a founder of a business at this time?

Whether it’s at the inception of the business itself or if it’s during a global pandemic, being a founder of any business comes with many challenges, sacrifices, failures and successes.  It’s this very essence that drives me to make our company the leader in wellness.

When you break for lunch, what are you having?

Lunch is typically fresh veggies, more fats and lean protein.  My go to is baby carrots with hummus, turkey or chicken, and sliced avocado.

What’s one thing you do to create mental clarity throughout the day?

I’ve just begun using the app Headspace. It has helped tremendously, allowing me to unwind, decompress and focus on just me for 10 minutes each day.

Who (if anyone) are you eating dinner with and what are you having?

I eat dinner nightly with my family...always! This is super important to me. It shows our children the importance of being together and present, it shows the importance of what it means to be a family!  We take this same approach at Health House.  Naturally, human beings want to be loved and to be happy.  At HH, we strive to make everyone feel part of the family from day one by exercising the Golden Rule, which demonstrates to our clients we put their feelings, wants and desires first, not the businesses.  Additionally, we’ve created an atmosphere and experience that makes fitness fun, which in turn makes our clients happy! 

Bedtime routine, what is yours and when does your day end?

My day typically comes to an end around 8:30pm, after we put our children to bed.  This is followed by some light reading and meditation.

What’s your favorite Beam product?

Currently, I’m obsessed with The Fixer! It’s the perfect compliment for my daily routine, allowing my muscles and joints to fully rejuvenate and recover from the daily grind I put them through. 

What’s your favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day is my commute from home to studio.  It’s my quiet time to reflect on life, business and family.  It’s my own personal sanctuary for about 30 minutes each day!


Health House recently launched a digital platform, Health House at Home. It delivers personal training results with a group fitness vibe right to your home by bringing you the epic music, energy and sweat to help nail your fitness goals! The Beam family gets two free months with code BEAMHH just head here.


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