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A Reset Series: How Eric Hinman Recovers

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A lot of people start the new year ready to take on big fitness challenges—we love that and we’re here for it. But along with those resolutions, we’re here to encourage you to add in some recovery goals too.

We see recovery as a necessary counterpart to fitness, just as important as the workout itself. But don’t just take it from us, we chatted with a few of our friends who work as professional athletes, health coaches and fitness competitors. So stay tuned for the month of February as we dedicate our content to—you guessed it!— recovery.

Up first we’ve got one of our OG partners, Eric Hinman. Eric’s a serial entrepreneur and co-owner of several businesses from healthy fast casual restaurants to high-end gyms. Now, he spends his days on the move, mixing CrossFit workouts with endurance races. If you follow Eric you’ll see him running through the Rocky Mountains, walking on his hands, or jumping into ice baths.

What does recovery mean to you?

Recovery is all-encompassing - mind body and spirit. Reducing inflammation, resetting the nervous system, and calming the mind. It’s so important for me to maintain my high volume training regimen, and it yields mental clarity and emotional well being.

Has recovery always been important to you?

No, not until the last 5 years. I now have an environment, friend group, and facilities that allow for easy access to various recovery protocols.

What do you recover from?

Athletic training - endurance sports and CrossFit.

How often do you recover?

Every damn day!

What are some ways that you like to recover?

I own an Ice Barrel and Sunlighten Infrared sauna at my loft in Denver. I like heat + ice. Here’s my typical recovery routine: 60 minutes of hot yoga. 50-minute infrared sauna session in my Sunlighten mPulse Sauna , 30 minutes alternating between a hot tub (104 degrees) + cold tub (52 degrees) — 5 minutes in each.

2 - 3 days a week, I’ll do an ice bath and traditional sauna. 5 minutes in ice, and 30 minutes in a 200 degree sauna. 2 - 3 rounds.

What do you wish you did more of to recover?

Meditation. It’s something I’m working on. Stillness with no stimuli.

What do you wish other people did more of to recover?

Walk! Move! Simple movement is “recovery.” Take walking meetings, avoid extending length sitting at all costs!

Anything else you’d like to add?

People often see me working out “all day,” but don’t see that I spend just as much time “recovering!”

For more on Eric feel free to follow him here.

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