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How Distance Runner Colleen Quigley Uses Dream for Better Sleep

How Distance Runner Colleen Quigley Uses Dream for Better Sleep

When it comes to rest and recovery, no one has more to lose than professional distance runner Colleen Quigley. Below, we get the 4-1-1 on how she uses Dream to rack up her night-time hours in order to support all-day energy.


Beam: When do you use Dream? Do you take it right before bed, 30 minutes before bed? How often do you use it?

CQ: My ideal evening routine is to eat dinner around 6 o’clock. I grab my Dream, and by 10pm I can’t keep my eyes open. I drift right off to sleep to recover for the next day’s activities!

Beam: Where do you take your Dream? In the kitchen, on the couch as you wind down, or in bed?

CQ: I love Dream while I’m reading my book curled up in bed. That way when my eyelids start getting heavy I just have to turn off the light and roll over!

Beam: Do you share your Dream with anyone?

CQ: My fiance, Kevin, is also a big Dream fan. Whenever I make it for myself, I always make some for him too.

Beam: How does Dream help you? How do you feel in the morning after taking Dream?

CQ: I’m a professional distance runner, so I work out twice a day most days and sometimes it can be hard to turn my body and brain off and truly relax at the end of the day. Dream helps me unwind and makes sure that I get the restful sleep my body needs to recover so that I can work hard again the next day. When I take Dream, I notice waking up feeling less groggy and I have better data markers (resting heart rate, heart rate variability, etc.).

Beam: What are the other steps in your bedtime routine? Do you read before bed? Shower? Journal?

CQ: I recently listened to a podcast about circadian rhythms and how important it is to use light to help regulate your circadian rhythm, so I’ve been trying to be more conscious about eating meals only when it is light outside, and then dimming lights after dark and wearing blue light blocking glasses after dark. All of those pieces have become part of my evening routine along with Dream and I think it is helping me feel more energetic during the day!


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