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How Sleep Impacts Fitness

How Sleep Impacts Fitness

We’ve all heard that healthy fitness routines will lead to better sleep. 

But what if we looked at it the other way around? How can sleep affect fitness? It’s an important relationship that bears investment and investigation. Because after all, it’s hard to be motivated to simply move let alone have those life-changing, perspective-shifting workouts without great sleep. 

Why do we workout?

It’s not for the mirror pics. We push our bodies to attain something tangible — better overall health, stronger muscles, a sound mentality and mood, increased energy — the list goes on. 

But without sound sleep, it’s harder to reap the rewards of working out. 

Something we preach about at beam is recovery. It’s an essential part of fitness. Without recovery, our bodies can’t experience the growth and goals we’ve worked so hard for. And guess what one of the best forms of recovery is? Yep. Sleep. 

Here’s how sleep can help improve your fitness: 

Better rest tonight means better output tomorrow. When you’re well rested, you can perform at your best, reaching the fitness goals you’ve set without fatigue holding you back. Just keep in mind that you may require more than 7-8 hours the more intensely you workout.
Muscle repair & recovery
As mentioned above, quality sleep is crucial to recovery. When you workout, your muscle fibers experience microtears, and the repair of those tears results in muscle growth. Those 8 hours (or more) of sleep are prime recovery time for muscles to reboot and repair. In the morning, you’ll wake up even stronger. 
Hormonal balance
Your body produces growth hormone when you sleep, especially during the first few hours of shut-eye. So, getting a good amount of sleep is a great way to boost the hormone that plays a key role in cell and muscle repair. 
Improved focus
All workouts require a certain level of mindfulness, focus and motivation. That cognitive ability is key to a successful session at the gym, and without proper sleep, it’s impossible to feel that edge. 
Glucose metabolism + immune function 
A lack of sleep can impair your glucose metabolism which helps fire up the brain for athletic performance. And we know that sleep is paramount in supporting the immune system, which is a critical component to any lifestyle. 


Overall, sleep gives your body (the one you just put through the squats and sprints) the time it needs to rest, conserve energy, and repair. So take the time to invest in a healthy night time routine and set tomorrow’ workout up for success. 

If you need a little help in that department, try DreamIt’s the go-to night-time sleeping aid for better, more restful zzz’s. And the best part? Now you can subscribe to Dream and save 20% every month.

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