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How to Calm Anxiety in 4 Steps

How to calm anxiety

If you're 1 of 40 million U.S. adults with anxiety, learn how to calm anxiety with these 4 Beam-approved steps—and take them the next time life feels overwhelming.

It’s no secret that anxiety and stress have become all-pervasive in our always-on culture. Lifestyle changes, social and cultural shifts, and the pressures of living through a pandemic can all have a major effect on mental health. Read on for some of our favorite anxiety calming techniques.

Step 1: Breathe

Learning how to calm down from anxiety always starts with breathing. Consciously regulating your breath brings fresh oxygen to your body, which can lower your stress levels, among other things. Try “square breathing,” for a good intro to breathwork. To get started:

  • Exhale all the air out of your lungs.
  • Inhale for a count of four.
  • Hold your breath for four.
  • Exhale for four.
  • Hold for another four before inhaling again. 
  • Repeat as necessary (we suggest trying it out for one minute to start).


Step 2: Move the energy

One of the most effective anxiety calming techniques is movement. Whether you’re synchronizing your breath with specific postures in yoga, pushing yourself hard with an outdoor sprint, or simply dancing it out to your favorite song, moving the body is one of the best ways to release stress and tension. 

Step 3: Get to the root

While stress can sometimes feel general, like a vague, perpetual sense of dread, it usually has a root cause. Taking a moment to meditate, journal, or talk it out with a friend can often help to get to the bottom of what’s really bothering you. Hint: it often isn’t what you thought. Sometimes, stress and anxiety can appear out of nowhere during, say, a traffic jam or a long line at the grocery store. But the traffic or the line may not necessarily be the root cause. Is it a jam-packed schedule and not enough time for yourself? A family obligation? A difficult conversation you need to have? Do some digging and you may find some relief. One of our favorite anxiety calming techniques: write down a list of everything that could be bothering you, circle the item that feels most charged, and do some free writing on that.

Step 4: Boost your wellness

One of the easiest ways to feel better is through well-chosen, high-quality supplements that support a healthy response to stress. The first step in how to calm down from anxiety with wellness supplements: check the nutrition panel and the website to figure out how seriously they take their science. Rigorous testing, as well as endorsements by doctors, athletes, and other wellness experts is necessary to figure out whether their products will make a difference. If you do your research, the right products can change your life for the better.

Learn more about supplements that can better your state of mind. Our hemp tincture, The One, is designed to provide optimal absorption for optimal zen. Put a dropperful in your morning coffee or simply take it with water for a soothing boost. And don’t forget to prioritize sleep, which can have a major impact on stress and anxiety. Try our best selling Dream Powder for your best sleep ever.



by Samantha Colicchio

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