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Pursuit for Better: Mat Fraser

Mat Fraser Beam

Whether you’re an athlete at the top of your game, a wellness coach, a college student, a doctor, a race car driver, a scientist, a work-from-home warrior, or new parent—we want to support you in your goals.

It’s not about being the best. It’s about a constant #pursuitforbetter. We partnered with Mat Fraser to bring you Beam products for your own journey, because the pursuit for better starts from within. Mat Fraser’s rise to success is largely untold—and completely unparalleled. Take a peek behind the curtain for the first time ever. 


Mat Fraser is the current and 4-time consecutive CrossFit Games Champion.

Filmed in Mat's home during the days leading up to Week 3 of the 2020 CrossFit Open.

"The Open" is a global competition with 5 workouts over 5 weeks and with nearly 500,000 competitors.

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