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The One

flavor - mint
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The One

flavor - mint

something for everyone

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subscription perks 20% off • free shipping • monthly delivery

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30-day money-back guarantee

if you don’t love it,
we’ll take it back.

we stand behind our satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the results, we’ll refund your first order, minus shipping and handling. To request a refund, please send an email to with your name, order confirmation number, and reason for the request, within 30 days from the date of purchase.

The One, the only

our approach to hemp oil is simple: source only the best, most sustainable ingredients. Organic hemp seed and grape seed oils help compounds stay intact so you can absorb all the benefits of our hemp tincture. Less stress and more calm = a better state of mind.

what’s in The One?

hemp oil

hemp seed oil

grape seed oil

our hemp oil is 20:1 hemp to cbg, resulting in a product that preserves the integrity of beneficial compounds, fatty acids and terpenes.

helps bind compounds to healthy fats, which protects them all the way into your digestive system. plus, it doesn’t contain coconut, a known allergen.

flavorless grapeseed oil helps compounds stay intact as you digest and just like hemp seed oil, it’s the kind of fat compounds love.

how to enjoy

The One is known for its versatility.

mix into your drink
add one dropper to your daily coffee, tea or smoothie.

drop under your tongue
this will allow it to reach your digestive system faster. hold for 30 seconds and then swallow.

92% of people felt a noticeable sense of calmness after taking The One. **

84% of people felt their mood improve after taking The One. **

your new daily ritual

daily rituals keep us centered and balanced, and the one’s adaptability to any routine does just that. Enjoy every day, as needed, whether that’s keeping it with your toothbrush for a morning dose or storing it on your counter for that lunchtime reminder, Taking it at the same time each day will help you reap all the benefits.

an all-natural alternative
why top athletes love The One

"i invested in beam because this stuff really works. i have used other hemp products and I didn’t notice anything, but beam does what it says it’s supposed to do."

-Danica Patrick

former professional racecar driver
an all-natural alternative

"these pro-athlete-approved hemp products will improve physical and mental wellness."

"[Beam] is a great addition to an athlete’s nightly routine."

"i've started using [Beam] hemp everyday... and it changed my life."