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3 Tips for Tending to your Mental Health

3 Tips for Tending to your Mental Health

We’re so glad you’ve landed here. By taking this moment for you (which we’re guessing isn’t easy to do), you’re prioritizing your needs and we’re proud of you for that. In a world of notification culture, digital demands, and the always-on workday, your mind is likely accustomed to being pulled in 10 directions at once – and multitasking solutions for each demand. This cultural norm feels exhausting, yes, but do-able, right? And even oddly satisfying? Well, chances are it’s taking some toll on your mental health. So let’s talk about it.

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness month, we have 5 check-in questions to ask yourself and 3 tips for giving your mind what it needs to settle down, restore, and be at its healthiest.

Check-in with Yourself

  1. 1. How are you feeling? Mentally? Physically?

  2. 2. What’s occupying your headspace right now?

  3. 3. How have you been sleeping lately?

  4. 4. What did you do today that made you feel good?

  5. 5. What’s something you can do daily that would be good for you?

Tips for Settling your Mind


1. You often hear about the benefits of a yoga practice for stress relief, but have you heard of the power of restorative yoga? Though similar to traditional yoga, restorative yoga is about deep mental and physical relaxation over muscle toning or a sweat detox. Through longer-held poses, it’s designed to significantly relieve physical and mental tension, melt away stress, and open up headspace as a result – even after just 15 minutes of practice.

Multiply the calming effects by adding a dropperful of The One before or after a session. The One is our Hemp Oil made to improve your mood*, ease tension, and provide the effects of full-spectrum hemp products without any intoxicating ingredients. By combining the calming properties of The One with the results of a restorative yoga session, a powerful mental reset can be just minutes away.


2. Take a walk outside, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. It's advice so seemingly simple that it's easy to discount, but more and more research is showing the real cognitive benefits of time spent in nature. According to the American Psychological Association, “exposure to nature has been linked to a host of benefits, including improved attention, lower stress, better mood, reduced risk of psychiatric disorders and even upticks in empathy and cooperation.” Take a walk, breathe in the fresh air, and know you’re caring for your mind in doing so.

If you enjoy taking a beverage on your walks, our all-day wellness supplement, Core, has been designed to support stress (thanks to one of its 16 scientifically-studied ingredients, Ashwagandha KSM-66, clinically-proven to reduce stress), mood, focus, immunity, inflammation support and more.* Pour a scoop, shake it up, and find relief in knowing Core can contribute to added mental and physical calm.

3. Set wind-down time for yourself each night. Sleep Scientist Dr. Carleara Weiss has said that going to bed without a night-time routine is like abruptly shutting your laptop without closing any of its open browser tabs: the machine is closed and appears to be recharging, but in reality its energy is still running and the resting period is not as effective. Instead of pouring yourself into bed mindlessly (which feels all too appealing at the end of a long day), we recommend creating a routine where you’re dedicating 10-15 minutes to teaching your brain that it’s bedtime. Journal, meditate, read, or simply sit in silence and let the day melt away.  

If that sounds like a good idea in theory, but your mind is far too busy, Dream Powder is an incredible and delicious tool for helping to calm your mind through a cozy night-time routine. Its natural sleep ingredients work synergistically within 30-45 minutes to help you doze off and then move your body through all four stages of sleep – quality sleep. This kind of routine can greatly enhance the benefits of your shuteye. Plus, Dream is clinically shown to improve sleep in 93% of people. If you prefer decadent flavors outside of hot cocoa, we have many to choose from, including Limited Edition Chocolate Peanut Butter.

It's so important to care for the organ we can't see, our brain. Continue to check-in with yourself, reach out to loved ones for nourishing conversation, and see how others are doing. We all need a shoulder to lean on.

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