How Daily Hemp Can Help You Avoid Burnout

From boosting post-workout recovery to enhancing productivity to helping you fall asleep, hemp has a ton of benefits—so many, in fact, that it can be tough to try to figure out how and when to use it. Below is a guide to building hemp into your daily routine and maximizing your potential from sunrise to sunset. Burnout not included.

8:00 AM: Rise and Repair

Hemp has been known to help reduce inflammation*, so it’s great for those who go hard at the gym. In fact, our co-founders Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran were once pro-athletes (hockey and baseball, respectively) and originally started using hemp to help them feel better after rough games and practices. Take hemp right after your morning workout to help kick-start the recovery + repair process.* 


2:00 PM: Productivity Awaits

Hemp is considered a natural nootropic, a compound that may improve mental skills and performance.* Using hemp, many people report feeling more focused and less stressed during their workday. Take hemp right around 2 PM, when your coffee has worn off and the post-lunch slump has set in.



Bedtime: Support Your Wind-Down 

Certain hemp compounds can contribute to quality sleep by boosting adenosine, a naturally-occurring hormone that causes sleepiness*. It can also quiet the amygdala and favorably alter body temperature to make sleep come easier*. Need more zzz’s to beat burnout? Try hemp. 


Try taking hemp about 30 minutes before you want to fall asleep to help you wind down and drift off.* 


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by Samantha Colicchio