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I used to struggle with poor sleep and always feeling tired throughout the day before I discovered Beam’s Dream. Which is why I’m so excited to announce I’ve officially partnered with them to create my exclusive flavor. Order today and get up to 40% off for a limited time!

“Whenever I drink Dream I don’t have those middle of the night wake ups and it has helped me feel well rested, refreshed, and happier in the mornings.”

My go-to secret for better sleep

As a mom it was hard to have the energy I needed to show up for my kids and family while also getting out there to do my own thing, but then my husband introduced me to Dream and well, the rest is history. Dream is made with a powerful all-natural blend of sleep-promoting ingredients to help you get a great night of sleep…sleep so good that I no longer dread my 5am alarm clock. You might even say I’ve become a “morning person!”


Why I created Salty Chocolate Caramel Dream

My exclusive Dream flavor is everything I love about hot cocoa with the perfect amount of sweetness and a little salty touch— pairing two of my favorite flavors: creamy caramel and salted chocolate. All with only 15 calories and no added sugar! But don’t wait—bags of my flavor are limited so order today to get up to 40% off.


The True Crime Besties are loving Dream!

“I'm so obsessed with Dream because of you so thank you so very much for introducing me to it. I’ve been sleeping so well ever since!"

- 10 to Life Listener

“Omg I just tried Dream. I haven’t slept more than 2 hours at a time for months. Last night, I never woke up once!!!! Thank you for introducing us to this!””

- 10 to Life Listener

“Dream works … I couldn’t believe it! I fell into a deep sleep quickly!"

- 10 to Life Listener

“Regarding Dream, it is the ONLY thing that has helped me sleep. Not even exaggerating.”

- 10 to Life Listener

Thousands of 5-star customer reviews and counting

Jenny H.


Age Range: 25-34

Verified Buyer

I've never slept better....

I made it my goal this year to get to bed early and for something to help me sleep through the night. I cannot recommend Beam enough. I wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Carrie A.


Age Range: 35-44

Verified Buyer

REM Sleep Increased 20%

I track my sleep, and my REM sleep has increased 20% since beginning a routine with Beam. It's such a great way to get my body ready to rest. The flavor is super tasty and comforting, and I've been more rested than ever. So glad I've added this to my self-care!

Kevin H.


Verified Buyer

Truly the best non-prescription sleep

Truly the best non-prescription sleep aid my wife and I ever tried. Dream helped us sleep deeply and yet wake with no groggy side effect. Very appealing flavor.