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Athlete Eric Hinman’s Sleep Data After Dream

Athlete Eric Hinman’s Sleep Data After Dream

We’re giving you a peek into a pro athlete’s sleep data after taking Dream. 

5x Ironman Eric Hinman has long been a fan of Dream Powder, our best selling hot cocoa for sleep. Now, he’s dishing his data and how it’s shifted thanks to his night-time routine. 

“I use a wearable called COROS to track my health. Here’s a screenshot of my sleep data after a night of Dream.”

“As an athlete, I am super up-to-date on the optimal sleep stats, and I notice that mine are MUCH better when I take Dream. This definitely translates to my training the next day. When I’ve gotten enough sleep, and REM and Deep Sleep at the proper amounts, my body functions optimally and I hit my targets more frequently. It’s just science.” 

Let’s break down the stats:

“REM sleep, which is responsible for emotional learning and memory, should account for approximately 20-25% of your overall sleep hours, and Deep Sleep, which is responsible for physical repair, should account for about 13-23%. And it’s common knowledge that adults require about 7-9 hours of sleep per night

As you can see above, on a night when I take Dream, I pretty much hit all those targets. I slept 8 hours and 20 minutes total. My REM sleep sits at 22.6% of my total sleep hours, and my Deep Sleep accounts for 18.4%.”

Why Dream works

“I’m working out a LOT, so my body needs its sleep—including the proper amounts of REM and Deep Sleep. But the morning after I take Dream, my body feels ready to win the day.

I’m not the only one who’s found Dream to be game-changing. According to a recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (basically the gold standard of clinical studies), Dream helped 93% of participants get a more restful night’s sleep AND wake up feeling more refreshed. It also helped participants to feel more physically and psychologically rested, more emotionally grounded and energized, and less stressed.

Dream has 5 natural sleep ingredients that work together to enhance sleep and lead your body through all 4 stages: Nano Hemp (for optimal absorption), Reishi mushroom, Magnesium, L-Theanine, and 3 mg of Melatonin (which is actually on the lower end for a sleep supplement, allowing me to wake up with no grogginess).”

My Dream routine

“I take Dream Powder every single night, no exceptions, about 30 minutes before bed. I froth it in a cup of goat milk or homemade nut milk, which makes it even creamier and more delicious. I start feeling it after about 10 minutes, this pleasant relaxing sensation. After that, it’s easy for me to slip into sleep. The next morning, I wake up feeling energized and ready to train.”

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