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Why Mat Fraser, 5x Fittest Man on Earth, Uses Hemp Hot Cocoa for Better Sleep

Why Mat Fraser, 5x Fittest Man on Earth, Uses Hemp Hot Cocoa for Better Sleep

Even the fittest man on earth needs his sleep. In fact, it may just be his secret weapon. Below, Mat Fraser, professional athlete and 5x Fittest Man on Earth, weighs in on how Dream has helped improve his all-important rest and recovery.

Beam: How does hemp hot cocoa help you sleep?

MF: Hemp hot cocoa is really the only thing that can help me wind down when I need to. I took it regularly when I was training for my last 3 competitions, and I won each one.

Beam: There’s a lot of misunderstanding about hemp. What can you share about your experience with someone who is interested to learn more?

MF: As an athlete who’s constantly pushing my body to its limits, rest and recovery is an essential part of my routine, and that starts with a great night’s sleep. I take hemp hot cocoa every night without fail, about 45 minutes before bed. Around the 20 minute mark, my eyes start to droop and I know I’m ready to go to bed. The next morning, I wake up feeling energized and ready to start my day.

Beam: Have you had trouble sleeping in the past?

MF: For me, getting to sleep is always the hardest part of the day. I pack my days with uppers, like espresso and pre-workout, and a cup of hemp hot chocolate before bed is exactly what I need to help coax me to sleep.

Beam: How has poor sleep affected your day?

MF: Without proper sleep, my training just isn’t the same—I need those 7-9 hours because of how much I’m working out. But the morning after a good rest, I feel ready to take on whatever my training requires of me, and hemp hot cocoa has allowed me to do that.

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