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your winter wind-down

your winter wind-down

introducing a limited-edition twist on our classic sleep powder: white chocolate peppermint dream. 

a delicious blend to send your winter woes packing, white chocolate peppermint dream is derived from all real ingredients so you can rest easy—naturally—night after night. 

what's new

this winter-inspired dream is made with the same ingredients you already know and love — plus a few extras. peppermint is carefully derived from actual mint leaves, and we used cocoa and vanilla bean extract for creamy swirls of white chocolate. talk about dreamy. 

along with winter-y additions like peppermint and white chocolate, you’ll still find the core, zzz-inducing ingredients that help 98% of dream users fall asleep faster:

nano hemp: hemp particles with the highest absorption potential to naturally support inflammation, balance, and sleep*

reishi: a mushroom superfood that helps to support the body’s sleep cycle and manage stress*

magnesium: a mineral that aids the body’s ability to fall asleep by relaxing the muscles and regulating the nervous system*

l-theanine: an amino acid that promotes relaxation and helps improve sleep quality*

melatonin: a compound that regulates the body’s circadian rhythm, promoting restful sleep*


a word from our resident sleep expert, dr. weiss, ph.d., m.s., r.n.

dr. weiss has over 15 years of experience researching sleep, with a PhD in nursing with a focus on behavioral sleep medicine and circadian rhythms. 

according to dr. weiss:

  • daytime sleepiness affects half of the adults in the u.s.
  • approximately 30% of adults in the u.s. sleep less than seven hours per night
  • poor sleep quality and short sleep duration have been known to increase the risk of metabolic, cardiovascular, and respiratory disease

but here’s the good news:

  • dream contains nano hemp, which is all about surface area. when you break hemp molecules down to tiny droplets, your body has a dramatically increased ability to absorb it.
  • hemp products can promote a sense of calm.
  • hemp products work to help balance the systems that control mood, stress, rest, and wellbeing.


your winter wind-down starts tonight. curl up with white chocolate peppermint dream for the coziest night of your life. 



by Samantha Colicchio

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