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Focus Capsules

Focus Capsules
Let’s face it: life is distracting, and we could all use a bit more focus. At Beam, we’ve crafted a capsule packed with ancient, time-tested compounds and revolutionary nootropics to help you concentrate hard and get more work done, so you can relax and unwind when the final task has been crossed off your list. Read on for the real deal on our best selling Focus Capsules.
News flash: your workday needs an upgrade. Lucky for you, we painstakingly crafted a capsule with natural ingredients that work to beat “brain fog,” make you more alert, focused, and centered, and help you get through your day like a boss. Whether you want to give your mood a boost, improve focus during athletic training, or simply jump-start your day without caffeine jitters, Focus Capsules are your new daily essential. 

Your secret superpower

Coffee can be great, but it can also cause “crashes'' later in the day, which can lead to you hitting a wall riiiight around 3PM. With Focus Capsules, you’re giving your brain and body the nootropics, antioxidants, and superpowered herbs it needs to be super-productive all day long. Get ready for calm, focused energy, improved concentration, a better mood, and a leg up on your workouts.  

Warning: when taking Focus Capsules, you may find yourself working out more, feeling more energized, and experiencing life-changing mental clarity and power. (Yes, these capsules are that good.) The majority of customers surveyed felt Focus Capsules helped them with sustained concentration for at least 2-3 hours, and reported that Focus Capsules began working almost instantly and improved energy and productivity.


So what’s actually in Focus Capsules? Only the best natural ingredients, of course.


  • Nano Hemp: hemp particles with the highest absorption potential to naturally support mood, stress, and wellbeing*
  • CoQ10: an antioxidant nutrient that our cells use to maintain power and performance*
  • Gingko Biloba: a herbal remedy used to help support brain function and memory recall*
  • Ginseng: a plant known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and its support in fighting mental fatigue*
  • Ashwagandha: an herb that helps support everything from mood to brain function*
  • Lion’s Mane: often referred to as “the smart mushroom,” it supports memory and recall*
  • Rhodiola: a root that has been used in traditional medicine to support mood*

We’ve cherry-picked the most powerful ingredients to supercharge your mental power. You’re welcome.


Use Cases

Supercharge your sleepy morning, your tough training session, or your back to back afternoon meetings with our proprietary blend. Working from home? Managing kids and pets? Have a project list that doesn’t seem to end? Take 2 Focus Capsules any time of day whenever you need a mental and physical boost. (The majority of surveyed customers used them every single day!) More good news: they pair well with any Beam product. 

If you want to be able to achieve calm, focused energy instead of being distracted and unmotivated, check out Focus Capsules now.

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