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Quality sleep starts with Dream

Quality sleep starts with Dream

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that a resilient immune system is an integral part of staying healthy. What is one of the key contributing factors to a fortified immune system? We’re so glad you asked. The answer: sleep.

Renowned sleep scientist (and Beam Partner) Dr. Carleara Weiss told us that over 50 million Americans struggle from some kind of sleep disorder, leading to a health-compromised society that undervalues the importance of sleep. As a result, many have turned to “quick fixes” like OTC products or run-of-the-mill supplements without a deep understanding of the best way to optimize one’s sleep, which–in turn—optimizes one’s performance.


Why are so many people struggling to sleep?

In the most basic of terms, sleep is our bodies’ innate time to repair and recover, and it all starts with light.

In the good ol’ fashioned, pre-tech days, our bodies used to naturally produce cortisol in response to daylight (aka blue light) to enhance productivity, elevate energy levels, and let us know when to eat. As the sun would go down and people would use candlelight (aka red light) in lieu of natural light (yes, we’re talking way olden days), our bodies would replace that cortisol with the hormone Melatonin, which would help ease us into a solid night’s sleep so all of our biological systems could restore. With screens having overtaken most of our lives these days, we’re endlessly surrounded by blue light, which keeps our cortisol levels raised and our Melatonin levels suppressed right when we need them most.

The inability to shut off and wind down has left us in a chronic state of physical and mental stress, where our bodies think they are in fight-or-flight mode 24/7.

Why does good sleep matter?

Sleep and hormones go hand in hand. 

Melatonin is a naturally-occurring hormone that manages your body’s circadian rhythm, which lets you know when it’s time to eat, sleep, or get up. It also helps to regulate multiple bodily functions like temperature, blood pressure, and hormone production for mood modulators like dopamine

It’s no accident that when you have a bad night’s sleep, you’re more likely to look worse, feel worse, eat more, and perform less. “Short sleep duration,” as Dr. Weiss refers to it, “is a threat to attention, concentration, reduced immune response, and other conditions.” (!!!!)

Dr. Weiss is quick to explain that there is a difference between sleep and good sleep. “Good sleep is a combination of the right amount of hours in bed and the actual hours of sleep...someone with good sleep quality will make the most of their time in bed for sleep, [and] will fall back asleep if they experience a night-time awakening, and wake up feeling refreshed.”

How Dream helps

Sleep is a practice, just like yoga. Some days, you do better than others.

Dream’s goal is to assist people in getting the most consistent quality of rest using synergistic ingredients that naturally support our own systems’ functions, and are compatible with the needs of high-performing people.

All of our Dream products are made with functional ingredient stacks that create balance. Not only does each ingredient help to support central nervous system functions and encourage deeper sleep, but Dream—both in capsule and powder form—has been formulated to be as highly-absorbable as possible so that you can get the full benefit of these vitamins and minerals.

Dream’s core ingredient stack 

Dr. Weiss says, “Magnesium, Melatonin, and Reishi can help your body de-stress. It’s not just that they’re helping people to sleep better and thereby reducing stress, it’s that they actually affect the mechanisms in the brain that deal with stress.” Dream also contains:

  • Nano Hemp
  • L-Theanine

Our Dream faves

Dream Powder

With 3mg of Melatonin and 20mg of Nano Hemp, this easy-to-absorb drink mix seamlessly transforms into a comforting evening beverage that you can enjoy 20 minutes before you’re looking to get some shuteye. Sugar: not included.

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Dream Capsules

As the ideal on-the-go sleep option, the capsules are not only our most popular capsule, but they also boast the same formulation as the powder. Unlike the powder, which is more quickly absorbed, the capsules should be taken at least 45 minutes before bedtime for ideal results.

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Dream Extra Strength

Unlike the OG dream formula, our brand new Extra Strength Capsules are jam-packed with a more potent blend of the classic stack, toting 6mg of Melatonin and an increased dose of L-Theanine, among other additions. Take 45 minutes before bed to sign off just in time for better dreams.

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Meet Dream Extra Strength

Say ‘hello’ to your new night-time ritual with a more potent form of our cult-favorite capsule.

“But what is the difference between the Extra Strength and the regular Dream?” you ask.

We consulted with Dr. Weiss, who explained that regular Dream Capsules are great for the occasional bad sleepers affected by stress, while Dream Extra Strength capsules, “are great if someone has persistent sleep difficulties...and individuals with circadian rhythm disorders.”

And if you’re worried about upping your Melatonin levels, don’t be.

Recent studies demonstrate that 5-10mg of Melatonin have an antioxidant effect that can actually be beneficial for overall health.

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Looking for more sleep support?

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