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The One

The One

Why is our über-popular hemp tincture called The One? From improving your mood* to helping you achieve balance and calm*, it’s everything you’ve been searching for in a fast-acting workday sidekick (AKA: the new love of your life). Scroll to learn more about this Beam best seller.

Of all the hemp tinctures for calm*, few have the explosive cult following of The One

The One is our best selling tincture, designed to help you stay grounded, relax more, and focus deeper*. It’s made with the highest-quality hemp oil, plus carrier oils with longer-chain triglycerides for optimal absorption (read: better, faster results*). Here’s why The One can take your day from meh to marvelous.

Bring on the benefits

Improved mood.* Balance, relaxation, and calm.* Boosted focus.* Increased recovery.* Muscle and joint relief.* Daytime and night-time support.* A supplemental sleep aid with no grogginess.* The One is your all-in-one wellness bestie, with benefits that will put you at the top of your game, from AM to PM.

Your all-day sidekick

The One is best used…literally whenever! Take a dropperful whenever you need a boost of calm,* focus,* or positive zen. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Keep it with your toothbrush and take it first thing.
  • Put some in your coffee to beat the post-caffeine jitters.
  • Keep it on your desk so it’s on hand for stressful work meetings.
  • Take it after work to help you decompress.
  • Take some before bed to supplement your Dream Powder.

Proof positive

Unlike many hemp tinctures, it actually WORKS! According to a consumer survey, more than half of The One customers used it every day, and have been consistently using it for at least a year or more. Nearly all surveyed customers felt a sense of calm and improved mood within 15-30 minutes of taking The One. Need more proof? Just check out our reviews.

Pick your potency

We know people have different levels of experience with hemp, so we made The One in various potencies so you can choose what works best for your lifestyle. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right potency for you.

  • Choose Extra Light (500mg) if you’re sensitive to new compounds and you’ve never tried hemp.
  • Choose Light (1000mg) for everyday balance.
  • Choose Regular (1500mg) for a stronger maintenance serving.
  • Choose Extra Strength (2000mg) for enhanced results and the best value. 

Pro tip: no matter what you choose, you can adjust your serving size according to how it affects you.

Ready to try it? Fall in love with The One today.

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