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What You Need To Look For in Your Hydration Supplement

What to Look for in Hydrating Drinks

Before the world of health and wellness came into such focus, it was easy to assume that the only essential way to re-up on electrolytes was through very colorful sports drinks (that certainly did not derive from nature’s best). And hydrating drinks? Well those were for athletes only.

We’re here to leave those myths in the past! 

Hydration—it turns out—is for everyone, no matter what your lifestyle is. In fact, making sure your body is hydrated goes way beyond water. Supplementation can be an efficient and effective way to sustain and maintain hydration while giving your body the key nutrients it needs to function.

However, like all things, not all hydrating drinks are created equal. Here’s what to look for if you’re hydration-curious:

Hydrating Drinks + Essential Electrolytes

When you sweat, your body naturally loses electrolytes, which are minerals that become electrically charged in water. Rad, right? Rehydration is not only about replacing fluids lost. Electrolytes are just as important in supplying your body with essential nutrients to “come back online” and help you function at an optimal level.

Key electrolytes to look for:


Low Sugar and Calorie Content

Don’t let cute packaging fool you. Many ~trendy~ hydrating drinks that you might see at your local health foods store are actually filed with sneaky sugars and unnecessary calories. The benefit of a hydration supplement vs. a sports drink should be little-to-no sugar content. If a hydrating drink does have sugar, it should come from natural, plant-based sources like coconut water to make it easily digestible for the body.

High-Quality Additions

Rather than take a million supplements separately, look for a hydration supplement that combines your daily essentials in a synergistic way. Depending on your needs—performance, recovery, or daily balance—some supplements may include caffeine to up endurance training while others might have recovery essentials like BCAAs. Regardless of the addition, it’s all about a well-balanced blend of ingredients.

Look no further, because Beam is changing the name of the hydration game.

Our non-CBD Elevate hydrating drinks go above and beyond the replenishment call of duty to not only keep you hydrated, but to also support your daily functions to help you feel your best no matter what you’re doing.

Get every day started the right way with clean electrolytes and a balanced combination of prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

Up the ante on endurance training. Citrulline, beetroot, and green coffee bean extract add an energizing boost to any workout.  

Give your body what it needs to recover. With additions like BCAAs and collagen peptides, your joints, muscles, and tissues will have the energy they need to make you perform your best.

Our electrolyte blend:
Coconut water
Himalayan salt
Potassium bicarbonate 
Magnesium glycinate
Sodium hyaluronate
Zinc citrate

Shop Elevate now.

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