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Earth Day at Beam: Our Sustainability Highlights

Earth Day at Beam: Our Sustainability Highlights

At Beam, we’re committed to better—and that includes bettering the planet. This Earth Day, we’re sharing the biggest ways we’ve boosted our sustainability and what’s in store for the future.

We believe that a holistic view of wellness is not complete without real progress towards global sustainability. When the planet suffers, we suffer, which is why we’ve put our efforts into reducing our impact and protecting the planet.

Here are some of the ways we’ve gone green:

Kicking crinkle

Your Beam deliveries come nestled in crinkle paper. We’re cutting down on it by 50%, and we’re tracking toward our goal of 85% reduction.

Landfill waste

We’ve cut approximately 80% of packaging waste from our manufacturing network through more efficient operations. 

Going coastal

Adding West Coast fulfillment facilities prevented approximately 28,000 metric tons of C02 by emissions from deliveries.

Plastic reduction

Our Capsules come in glass jars instead of plastic, and their new lids allow them to be fully recyclable. 

Planning for the Future

Despite our progress, we’re far from finished. We have some heavy-hitting goals for the near future that will reduce our impact even further.

Sustainability goals: 

  • 80%+ reduction in crinkle paper
  • 35%+ reduction in corrugated shipping material
  • 15% Post Consumer Recycled material in our Dream bags
  • 20% reduction in carbon emissions generated through shipping

Our promise: we’ll never stop working toward a better planet and a better future. 

Have questions about our sustainability plan? Email us at



by Samantha Colicchio

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