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tomorrow starts tonight

tomorrow starts tonight

sleep better with dream + a better bedtime routine

news flash: morning routines just aren't going to cut it anymore. despite what we think, no amount of AM workouts, fully-loaded smoothies, or high-octane lattes will ever makes us quite as alert and productive as the real deal: a good night's sleep.

science says poor sleep affects everything from your health to your mental state to your hormones to your weight. according to beam’s resident sleep expert, dr. carleara weiss, the quality of your sleep can affect your quality of life in many ways:


dr. weiss says:

"adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night to ensure that the brain will have enough time to travel through the sleep cycles multiple times, clean all the toxins accumulated during the day and work to optimize mental and physical performance."

"short-term sleep deprivation (sleeping only 5 hours) decreases REM sleep and reduces attention, concentration. it takes more than 2 nights to recover from one single night of short sleep."

"the glucose metabolism is 30% lower in people sleeping 4 hours per night. that means the person is more likely to eat more, gain weight, and risk diabetes type 2. important – those studies look into a short duration of sleep deprivation (for example, 6 nights). The effects are even more damaging in people following this short sleep pattern for several weeks."


tomorrow starts tonight

even though we may know how important it is to get proper shuteye, quality sleep is often treated more like a luxury than a necessity.

but that ends tonight.

we're here to spread the word: tomorrow starts tonight, which means your morning routine needs to begin the night before. our line of dream products help celebrate the ritual of winding down, making mindfulness and relaxation in an always-on world more accessible than ever. your new nighttime routine starts with brand-new limited edition white chocolate peppermint dream powder—just in time for the holidays. with swirls of peppermint and creamy white chocolate, it's the perfect thing for your winter wind-down. both our original sleeping powder and white chocolate peppermint dream are made with five sleep-enhancing* ingredients—nano hemp, reishi, magnesium, l-theanine, and melatonin—to help you get those elusive eight hours tonight and make the most of tomorrow.


here are some of dr. weiss's bedtime routine suggestions:

"keep a regular schedule." ⏰

even on the weekends set a consistent bedtime and wake-up time and try to stick to this schedule as often as possible!


"avoid light exposure at least an hour before bedtime."💡

why’s that? electronic-free time helps supports our biological clock and, bingo, the natural cycle of melatonin.


"set aside time to relax." 🧘🏽

swap the late-night email refresh with a warm shower or meditation. (pro tip: this is the perfect time to incorporate dream into your routine, when you’re setting the tone for a few relaxing moments before bed.)


"create a bright morning routine." ☀️

it’s not just about bedtime! in the mornings, increase your exposure to morning light (natural or artificial) as soon as you wake up. it’s all about getting up — so no checking your phone in bed. increased light exposure in the morning helps the brain “understand” that it is daytime, shuts down melatonin, and promotes energy for the day!


are you ready to bring bedtime back? 

try our collection of natural sleeping remedies as part of your bedtime routine.


*these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



by Samantha Colicchio

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